Friday, 23 January 2009

Revised book covers were a Good Idea

My efforts last year at a re-design seem to have been endorsed. I went into my local bookshop last week because it's under new ownership and found the same staff behind the counter as before. I got recognised as a local author in front of the customers which was - I have to admit it - a very nice feeling!

I asked how the shop was going and it seems it's doing well which is always good to hear. The lady behind the desk remembered that they'd returned The Horsepower Whisperer just before the business was sold. "I'm afraid we didn't have any luck with it," she said.

She went on to mention that she didn't like the cover - then apologised when she realised that I'd done the cover.

"Why didn't you like it?" I persisted.

"It looked too cartoon-like," was her reply.

This was the cue for me to take a copy of the new revised version of The Horsepower Whisperer out of my rucksack (I always have one to hand for just such an eventuality). And she could hardly refuse taking the new edition back on a sale or return basis.

I still think that this particular person doesn't like the cover but probably dislikes it less than the old one. I don't think even I will ever be 100% happy with it but I don't get too amped about it these days. I'll settle for 99%.

And when you get a copy of The Wormton Lamb next to The Horsepower Whisperer they look fantastic! (I reckon anyway.)

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