Monday, 19 January 2009

Website stats

I checked my website stats over the Christmas hols and found this. Now, I know that I had not been publicising my enterprise as assiduously as I might have done while revising my book covers but this looked a bit disappointing to me. Back in the summer, my Anarchadia site was getting nearly 700 uploads and 200 unique visitors a month. During August this fell away to almost nothing.

Then it occurred to me that since smartening up my Anarchadia site in Serif WebPlus X2, I'd omitted any stat counter code. I didn't know how.

Fortunately, Serif WebPlus offers on line help and pretty soon I had identified where to insert the code from Statcounter.

A couple of page loads to test that I'd spliced things in properly and everything was set up again. Suitably encouraged, I found where to insert the code on my blogs, too.

Boy, am I glad I did!

When I checked Statcounter again about a week later, I found that my Anarchadia website is getting 40-50 visitors a week with about 60-80 page loads. It's not at the same level of interest that this site had 12 months ago but lots of forthcoming attractions are about to come forth so I am not really concerned.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much interest this blog got. It's not as popular as the website. It gets 40-50 page loads per week and 30-50 unique visitors.

But the Engine Punk blog seems to be taking on a life of its own. For the first week with the statcounter, it had 500 page loads, which is nearly what the website had in its prime. When I blogged about the Exeter Trial, the hit rate jumped dramatically to over 300 a day.

I'm nearly famous. If I can maintain and build this level of interest and sell my books to a proportion of these people I'll be very happy indeed.

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