Monday, 15 December 2008

The Clangers, vans and Tory leaders

I've been welding up my van in the workshop recently so the book publishing activities have taken a bit of a back seat. This is awkward right now because at this point I should be doing all sorts of promo stuff about my publishing activities. The website needs updating and I want to make more videos with the new software I've got.

But my old van needs me and I quite enjoy forming new panels. I'd much rather it didn't rust at all and have various plans to make sure that it doesn't. You'll be able to read more about those on my Engine Punk blog in due course. I'd much prefer to be getting on with more creative stuff in steel. And in print. I enjoy bringing stuff back from the dead, though, and I'd feel lost without a van. It's so useful and a great facilitator. The back of this van will be the back of the van from which I'll be selling my books and when I'm rich and famous it'll be worth a fortune. So, you see, it's really all part of The Plan.

I often listen to Radio 4 when I'm in my studio. (It's more of a studio, actually, seeing as I'm such a creative person.) And on the news the other day, was the report of Oliver Postgate's death.

And what did the BBC have to say about him? That David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party said that he didn't "get" The Clangers.

What right does Cameron think to comment on one of the greatest conceptualists and animators of recent times?

This confirms my opinion of Tory MPs.

If they don't "get" The Clangers there really is no hope form them.

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