Monday, 23 March 2009

Review of The Horsepower Whisperer

I've just had an extremely positive review on, the independent internet review site. Read it here!

I am particularly encouraged by this coup - I had a sneaky feeling some of the humour wouldn't be got by an American reader. Either the reviewer was particularly clever and understood what I was on about or it's not so abstruse for our transatlantic cousins as I'd thought.

At first I never considered how it would appeal to an American reader. People are still people wherever you go but over the years I've heard many instances of British shows being adapted for American tastes. This seems especially true of comedies but it doesn't seem to be a problem for Jaspar Fforde whose very Britishness is one of his keyways to success.

Wallace and Gromit also cross this great alleged divide. The Japanese love them especially their tea drinking. It makes for an alternative take on their tea ceremony, I suppose.

In case Jaspar's sense of humour needs explaining, his website offers explanations and background information to help people who've never been to Swindon. I suspect this is now an accepted part of publishing - both book and author are supported by the web to create an information resource or mystique that adds to their appeal.

All I have to do now is get some of these great quotes from this review onto my Amazon page.

One thing - of many - that I've learnt during the last 12 months is how important third party recommendations like this are. It's no good just me saying I'm brilliant. It's got to come from other people and, thanks to my recent efforts in publicising my work, it's starting to at last happen.

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