Sunday, 4 January 2009

Author's Den and Authonomy

As part of my publicity push I've just updated my listing on Author's Den. I first heard about this site on a self publishing discussion group. I uploaded some very discreet personal details some months ago but have taken the opportunity of the free time over the Christmas and New Year season to update my very low profile. I was stirred into action when I did a web search on my name -- Bob Blackman -- and the first entry that was actually about me was on Author's Den. Consequently, I thought that, if this site was getting so many hits, then I ought to raise my profile on it. There are opportunities to upload examples of your writing, post photographs of yourself (portrait of the author just before he made it really big) and even the ability to advise visitors to the Author's Den of any events.

Hmm. I suppose the opportunity here is to advise the world at large of book signings, book tours, successful reviews and your latest book releases. Planning "events" and generally making myself "newsy" is not one of my present strengths and could be regarded as a significant learning objective.

On my old school reports they used to say "Could do better" but we're in the twenty-first century nowadays. I will give some thought as to what I can put as an event on Author's Den. The obvious thing is the forthcoming release of The Wormton Lamb.

Meanwhile, I have picked up on a new development, sponsored by HarperCollins. This is a new website called Authonomy and it's for readers and writers alike. The idea is to showcase new writing and it's surprising how many ordinary people like to sport new talent. For instance, there is a league table of the top talent spotters on Authonomy. There is also the possibility that self-published authors like me could be offered a contract by HarperCollins. Even if you are published with another publishing company, there seems nothing to stop you posting up some sample chapters, provided that you have your publisher's permission.

Having a presence on Authonomy can't do me any harm so I've posted over 10,000 words of both The Horsepower Whisperer and The Wormton Lamb.

It has also occurred to me that I need a better author photograph. I will have to give this some thought. This should look professional and a bit arty.

We'll see if anything comes from being on these sites. If nothing else, they can only help raise my profile on web searches.

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