One Page Books - how can you have a One Page Book?

One Page Books are pdfs that you can dowload from this site, print off on your computer at home and then fold into booklets, complete with covers. However, you will need Adobe Reader. There’ll be a link to download it from here one day. For now, though, if you haven’t got it already, you can easily find Adobe Reader on the net. It’s not difficult to find or download and it’s free.

One Page Books consist of a single side of A4, hence the description. Once printed off, this single sheet of paper is folded lengthwise, then folded in half across its width and then folded in half again.

Once folded properly the result is what a printer would call an “imposition.” If you look down the spine of a hard back book, you can see the various impositions and how they fit together. Paperbacks don’t have impositions because they are made differently.

To really make the imposition more book-like, cut along the top edge of the front cover and page 1. This is a bit fiddly, though. I’m happy enough with an imposition that lacks this cut.

You can even trim up the edges if you want to follow the traditional printing process. This shouldn’t really be necessary because we at Anarchadia Publishing (well, me actually) have designed out (that’s my) One Page Books to print out on a single sheet of A4 without the need for trimming, provided you’re really good at folding paper.

If part of a book is missing when you preview it or doesn’t print out, you may need to alter your printer settings. Check that it’s set for A4 and that the lower margin is maximised. That’s what I had to do on my ten year old Epson inkjet printer. Yes, it’s still going strong and I would buy another.

One Page Books should also print out alright on ordinary photocopier paper. On higher quality paper, they look even better.

With a little help from Anarchadia Publishing, those ever so nice people at STANTA (the Soul Transference and Necromancer’s Trade Association) have put together a booklet about their organisation.


Download this file today and create a One Page Book on this para-ordinary, self-regulating, incorporeal body.

Greymalkin (known to himself as Indoors Food)  makes the perfect subject for a One Page Book.


Download this One Page Book today to learn nothing useful about energy conservation and how this ancient feline pushes the envelope of indolence.

The Wormton Cat.
An Introduction to STANTA.

Learn more about the fascinating world of Soul Trading

Mrs Osmotherly’s cat is a very lazy cat

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