Sample chapters of The Wormton Lamb.
The Horsepower Whisperer.
The Wormton lamb by Bob Blackman

“Mad Max crossed with All Creatures Great and Small.”

Forget the stars, tea leaves or bath water. The future for telling the future is the motorscope.


If you’re in a traffic jam you’re gonna be late. Obviously. Horsepower Whisperer.


Umfortunately, Mrs Osmotherly is still interpreting the traffic conjunctions around Wormton.

Or that Slake has given her Citroen 2CV more than a service.

Now all their problems are exhibiting accelerated growth and going beyond the realms of biology.

It’s big. It’s woolly.


It’s already got cloven hooves and soon it’ll have horns.


It is the terrible Lamb of Wormton

The Mithering Brethren are trying to save Mr Heckmondwike from sin by thwarting him but he’s too good a shepherd.

He would never meddle with growth hormones. And he’s never even heard of the G-gnome.

In Association with

And she’s seen Nick Hob the Horsepower Whisperer on his supercharged Vincent motorbike.

Among the Wolseleys, Jowetts and Armstrong-Siddeleys she’s spotted the Hillman Imp and the Dodge Demon.

But she doesn’t know whose soul he’s after.

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“Bob Blackman has done it again – delivered a rapid-paced, rollicking ride of a story… a great read filled with belly laughs, irreverent commentary on life, the world, history, and society in general… engrossing… outrageous and believable… wildly entertaining. This reader can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next!”

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