Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My writing to be cited in a creative writing course

I don't know the full details yet but my work is to be used as an example in a new on-line creative writing course - that's a good example before anyone out there says anything.

Run by the New Horizons Writing Academy on Writing.com, one module concentrates on inspiration and breaking up writer's block and I have been cited as a good example of writing about what I know and using my imagination to put a new twist in things.

I'm thankful that I've never really suffered from writer's block. Sometimes it would be quite nice to be left alone by my muses for there often seems to be so many of them.

But if I ever get a bit stuck with what happens next or wish to link sections that I've already drafted - because i don't write sequentially - then write a literary review of the section I am about to write. I've travelled forward in time and am looking back through the eyes of another person at something I am about to write. Of course, they think it's absolutely brilliant and say why it's brilliant. I find living up to this imaginary expectation of a fictionary literary student, studying your work for their PhD (and why not?) inspires me come up with the goods. Often these students read my stuff on a completely different level, soemtimes seeing it as an allegory or finding all sorts of associations and subtleties of meaning of which I was totally unaware - until reading their piece.

Anyway, I am extremely flattered that anyone likes my stuff, let alone a tutor on a creative course who wants to use me as an example in this way, with links to my website and everything.

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